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第一部分 选择题

I. Choose the best answer from the choices given and blacken the corresponding letter A, B, C or D on the ANSWER SHEET. (1%x20=20%)

1.Elementary school authorities should reduce the pupils' homework load to ensure that they have a  ()childhood.

A. carefree

B. careful

C. careless

D. care

2. Leaves kept falling,  () above our heads when we were walking among the trees.

A. by

B. from

C. against

D. with

3. Nowadays there are more and more  () in primary schools in China.

A. man teacher

B. man teachers

C. men teacher

D. men teachers

4. A: Which umbrella would you like. black. yellow or blue?

B: I'm sorry. I like ()of these.

A. any

B. none

C. all

D. neither

5. No sooner ()apologized than he forgave her.

A. has she

B. she has

C. had she

D. she had

6.I wish I ()taller and stronger so that they wouldn't dare to treat me roughly.

A. am

B. were

C. have been

D. should be

7. The most impressive furniture in his office is a  ()chair.

A. huge comfortable leather

B. comfortable leather huge

C. leather comfortable huge

D. leather huge comfortable

8. Each family () asked to plant a tree before summer came.

A. were 

B. was

C. are 

D. is

9. By the end of the last term, they()all their course work.

A. have completed 

B. had completed

C. complete

D. are completing

10. My best friend () to meet me when I arrived at Hongqiao Airport.

A. comes

B. has come

C. came

D. come

11. I am cycling to work because my car. () last week.

A. had been stolen 

B. was stolen

C. is stolen

D. stole .

12. He asked if he()leave the office half an hour earlier that afternoon.

A. can

B. shall

C. would

D. might

13. They ()  lost, or they should have arrived yesterday.

A. may get

B. should get

C. might have got

D. should have got

14. The best way () with him is not to give an inch. If you do, he'll take a foot. 

A. dealing

B. to deal

C. deal

D. dealt

15. He tried () a new microphone and was able to make himself

A. using, hearing


C. using, heard

D. to use, heard

16. You may have() fresh water as you like from here.

A. as much

B. too much

C. much

D. more

17.() he has lived in Hong Kong for years, he sil has dfficultyt understanding Cantonese.

A. Where :

B. Because

C. When .

D. Though

18.() the weather is concerned, I don't think it matters.

A. So long as

B. As far as



19. No one  () has ever visited the town will fail to be impressed by its beauty.

A. who

B. whom

C. which

D. whose

20. The project ()they have been working for two years is a total failure.

A. which

B. that

C. on which

D. on that

第二部分 非选择题

II. Fill in the blanks on the ANSWER SHEET with one of the items given (2%x10=20%)

21. make, makes, is making; was, is, has been 

Superb systems of communications by air, sea and land () it possible for us to visit each other's countries at a moderate cost. What () once the“grand tour" is now within everybody's grasp.

22. placed, place, places; personal, person s, persons

Most Americans believe that schools should be () where young people can grow in body, mind, and spirit. Athletics, clubs, social events, and creative arts are part of each ()education.

23. in, on, at; That, What, It

A“gap year" can refer to any time spent away from work or school () pursuit of an interest or a dream. () makes a gap year different from vacation is that a person is involved in some kind of constructive activity.

24. Some, It, Any; was, are, is

() thought that this new custom will remain unchanged ()ridiculous.

25. saw, seen, were seen; when, thal, who

Flight has been the dream of humankind since birds () in the sky. But it wasn't until the 1780s () two Frenchmen flew in a hot balloon near Paris. After that,powered flight became the goal.

26. hither, neither; either; on, to, for

Why are young smokers so important to tobacco merchants? Because millions of adult smokers () kick their habit or die each year, and the cigarette industry depends on attracting new customers its living.

27. for; under; against; finance, financed, financial

Schooling should be equal and open to all. No one should be discriminated () because of race, religion or ()status.

28. red, yellow, blue; to, with, through

When a new idea comes to you out of the () it's because you have already thought () the process unconsciously.

29. requesting. to request, request; to, as, than

If you politely () that someone not smoke, you are more likely to receive a cooperative response ()  if you scowl fiercely and hurl insults.

30. is found, finds, will find; meaning, mean, means

If a solution () advertisers will have yet another ()of persuading consumers to purchase their products.

III. Fill in the blanks on the ANSWER SHEET with an item as required.( 1%x20=20%)

31. With a determiner: 

With two weeks' heavy rain in March, the () village was flooded.

32. With a determiner:

Only two candidates applied for this position, but unfortunately ()of them was qualified.

33. With a determiner:

The young man has been working hard since graduation from college; he is always cherishing the dream of owning () Benz in his thirties.

34. With a modal auxiliary:

He () have had a very good review of the class notes, or he couldn't have got such a high score in the final exam.

35. With a modal auxiliary:

When he was a lttle kid, he () turn to his father for help whenever he had a problem.

36. With a preposition:

She had no knack for saying the right thing () the right time.

37. With a preposition:

The mother told her daughter not to sing loudly at night  ()  fear of disturbing the neighbors.

38. With a preposition:

The speaker concluded his speech () . a poem by a famous English poet.

39. With a relative pronoun or a relative adverb:

His latest film contained lttle () was new or startling, and it proved a failure.

40. With a relative pronoun or a relative adverb:

Personal space, () enables one to feel at ease in public, varies from culture to culture.

41. With a relative pronoun or a relative adverb:

Ten years later the couple returned to the place ()they first met and felt the whole thing was like a dream.

42. With a relative pronoun or a relative adverb:

The meat industry is a major source of green-house gases which is often ignored but  ()effects on the atmosphere have already been made clear.

43. With a coordinator:

Today in some remote areas of the world, people don't learn foreign languages. They cannot speak English () French.

44. With a coordinator:

I'm telling you all that I want this job finished within two hours, () I really mean it.

45. With a subordinator:

After two months' internship in the company, the college graduate couldn't decide  () he should stay at the job or find something else to do.

46. With a subordinator:

The new school was constructed ()the old factory building had been pulled down.

47. With a tag:

1 don't think he is eligible for the scholarship, ()?

48. With a tag:

He is an extremely introverted person. He hardly ever hangs out with friends, () ?

49. With a tag:

I' m not very sure, but Mr. Zhang may be the best teacher in our school,() ?

50. With a tag:

One month has passed, and he must have already got the result of the exam, ()?

IV. Rewrite the following sentences as required on the ANSWER SHEET.(2%x15=30%)

51. Using passive voice:

The workers are redecorating the house at the moment.

52. Using passive voice:

You made such a terrible mess of my house.

53. Using a modal auxiliary:

I'm very eager to tell them the good news.

54. Using a modal auxiliary:

He regretted not having taken his father 's advice.

55. Using a non-finite verb form:

She went back to Canada so that she could stay with her parents for the Christmas.

56. Using a non-finite verb form:

Several people reported that they heard her cry for help.

57. Using complex propositions:

He didn't go to Suzhou. Instead, he went to Hangzhou.

58. Using a disjunct:

It is more important that the government should take measures to deal with air pollution.

59. Using a relative clause:

Tidy answers give us a feeling of security. We are looking for these tidy answers.

60. Using a relative clause: .

The house standing on the bank of the river is my home.

61. Using subordination:

The Indians believe that everything has a spirit. They firmly hold the belief.

62. Using coordination:

We had intended to come and see you. It rained.

63. Using exclamation:

He made a very boring speech this afternoon.

64. Using postponement:

The duke gave my uncle the teapot.

65. Using discontinuity:

At the news, he was so excited that he couldn't utter a word.

V. Answer the following questions on the ANSWER SHEET. (4%x1=4%)

66. What is special about the past perfect in its hypothetical use? And how is it used? Give at least one example for each use.

VI. Define the follow ing terms with examples on the ANSWER SHEET. (3%*2=6%)

67. blending

68. fronting